Different Chairs You Can Choose From

It is possible that you would like to find the right chair for your house but you are not sure where you are going to start. There are different chairs that are available in the market and if you try looking, you will only be confused with the various brands, styles and designs that you need to choose from. What if you would be given some options to help you narrow down your search? Will you be grateful for the help that is given to you?

Here are some of the chairs that are known to be good enough that different people are searching for these chairs all over the Internet.

  • Tulip Chair

If you are looking for chairs that will look great with other furniture that have a modern romantic theme, the tulip chair may be the best one to try out. The great thing about this chair is that it is very sleek yet it is now made up of some metal parts to make it sturdy. There are times when people cannot help but compare it to a wine glass. The uniformity of the chair overall is uncanny. The great thing about this chair is that it can be used in almost all sorts of furniture because it is easy enough to blend in.

  • Pod Chair

While this chair may not be perfect as a dining chair, the pod chair can be perfect for lounging. The fact that you can look fully enclosed in a pod when you are sitting on it makes it a hit for a lot of people who would like to relax after a long day. The pod chair can be used by a child who is seeking for a hiding place or it might also be a secret retreat for people who would like to unwind. Place this chair on your living room or even inside your bedroom and you will not regret it.

  • Coconut Chair

At first glance, this coconut chair does not seem comfortable because it has received its name for resembling a half opened coconut shell with its edges seemingly jagged but created in such a way that it looks great. As a design piece it looks amazing. It might not look an elongated chair at first glance but it will still be able to give you the comfort that you need.

You may want to consider the various chairs mentioned above to be used around your home.

The Ultimate Ghost Chair Buying Guide

Ghost Chairs

One of the most in demand pieces of furniture these days is the ever so unusual yet comfortable and perfect Ghost Chair. It’s called a Ghost chair not because ghosts sit on it — that would be terrifying — but because of its clear and transparent-like appearance. The vintage classic Louis XVI armchair is what the Ghost chair was based on. It looks like it, too, only being a more transparent, modern and chic version of it. Phillippe Stark, a French interior and product designer, is the maker of such chair by using clear polycarbonate and the Italian furniture company known as Kartell brought his idea to life in 2002.

Ghost chairs come in many variations. There are low ones, high ones, and even barstools. Here’s what you should take into consideration when you’re set on getting yourself a Ghost chair.

1.) The Cost

When buying a Ghost chair. Many find it hard whether they should just buy the original one that costs around $400 or to just buy a replica of it instead. Now, remember that the higher the price, the higher the quality is of the product. The original Ghost chair is made by using polycarbonate; the replicas are made or acrylic or Lucite. There is, however, a Ghost chair that is of Lucite material and can still provide a great experience for only around $79 which is none other than the IKEA “Tobias” chair.

2.) The Comfort

Whenever we sit, we make sure that the seats we’re sitting on provide us with the comfort that we need and want. The thing is that the levels of comfort vary to the people who are sitting on them. Many have stated that they adore the amount of comfort that the chair gives them. However, it isn’t so flattering to others. We suggest you get a pillow for the chair as well in order to be comfortable. If possible, try the chair before buying them to test the comfort that they give you. Nevertheless, Ghost chairs are the perfect ones to go with to furnish your dining room.

3.) The Longevity

Everyone wants their chairs to last a long time, if not a lifetime. This wouldn’t be much of a problem when it comes to Ghost chairs, though. Ghost chairs are naturally recyclable and are made of either poly carbonate or Lucite. Just make sure that when you have the opportunity to try sitting on a Ghost chair, make sure it isn’t wobbly. A good Ghost chair that lasts a long time are those that is sturdy.

4.) The Material

The Ghost chairs are made of either polycarbonate or acrylic (Lucite). Polycarbonate Ghost chairs is mostly the ones that provide a higher level of comfort for they are of high-quality. The knock-offs are usually made of acrylic or Lucite which may be uncomfortable for others. This is what brings the elegance of the chair out and the good thing about either ones is that they are capable of providing versatility that is enough for any room. Polycarbonate ones are the ones you’d need to go for, though, if you want greater durability.

5.) Happy Customers

Remember that the more happy customers that those who sell Ghost chairs have, the more you can trust their products to be of high quality. The reviews are the ones that determine whether the product was exactly the kind of product it is claimed to be by the retailers and manufacturers. After all, what better judgment and criticism is there other than those of the ones that have actually tried the product? This is mostly applicable whenever you are thinking of buying Ghost chairs online.

My Passion

It’s been a lonely journey so far. I’m mostly sitting in my backyard all day long, carving wood and creating artistic looking furniture.

I knew from the start that my passion would bring me on a lonely road. I took the risk. Why?

I am doing what I love, I’m living from selling artistic carved furniture. Even if I feel like I am becoming anti-social, it is worth to me every single minute I spend carving wood.

As Napoleon Hill said once: “If you do your passion every day, you won’t feel like you are working a single second”. I want to pursue my dreams. Here’s the first artistic wood carving I did for my readers:

artistic wood carving